Application Support & Managed Services


In today's fast track IT environment, it is not unusual to believe that about 75-80 % of IT budgets are spent on Application management / maintenance. Legacy systems are the operations and knowledge backbone of client organizations; they are non-negotiable and crucial to business survival. Market research estimates show that more than 70% of corporate data still resides on legacy systems. Hence the successful management of legacy systems to meet evolving business needs is the major challenge today. This can be achieved through a comprehensive application portfolio analysis of existing applications.

Goals of Application Management:

     * One Interface - Avoid to create confusion due to different interfaces;
     * Quality - by ensuring that the level of service meets or exceeds the customer's expectations;
     * Value - to the customer by ensuring that all Application Management activities are aligned with the customer's business drivers and priorities to maximise business benefit;
     * Efficiency - and productivity improvements to reduce the cost of support;
     * Flexibility - to changes in business priorities, resource requirements and technical advancements.

Systems Operation Support is in charge of the operation of the systems. It has to:

     * Guarantee and supervise correct configuration of systems in the technological environment
     * Define and develop installation and operation procedures related to components which will be released to production
     * Make production
     * Realize configuration control.

Doriath Technology has core competency in IT Application Development and Maintenance services on a Fixed Price based on a committed SLA Model.

Doriath Technology's suite of Application Management Services includes:

     * First and Second Level Application Support
     * Change Management
     * Configuration Management
     * Performance Monitoring and Tuning
     * Enhancements and Related System Development
     * Application Maintenance Services (with tailor made SLA)
     * Legacy Modernization and Transformation and Re-engineering Services
     * Managed Services


Doriath Technology's Application Support and Managed Services annual rate is considerable and it ranges between £12000 and £30000.