General Telco & Architecture

IT solutions in the Telecommunication market are getting more complex as the requirements are becoming more value based services and 3G content. In addition, market has been showing considerable amount of enthusiasm for various types of Convergence (prepaid/postpaid, fixed/mobile, etc.).

However, there is no standard solution to these new market trends. In addition, these market trends are pushing more components into current legacy infrastructure making the Integration task a very difficult achievement for all types organizations.

Doriath Technology, as a solutions company, has been involved in numerous projects as Solution Architects or Design Authority to enhance existing capabilities to cope with the mentioned market trends. Therefore, Doriath Technology is ready to work with you to reach your "perfect architecture" solution fitting to your organizations strategy, culture and future vision.

Real-time and Billing Related Promotion Systems

As wireless Telco market is maturing, expectations from Billing is changing. Operators are insisting that Billing systems should be more real-time, providing more functionality including new Promotional capabilities and finishing its process much faster.

Doriath Technology engineers have been working with large Network Operators in Europe in the Billing area and accumulated valuable experience in providing solutions that could result in streamlining rapid actions for your Billing operations and pain points.

Also, as Real-Time Charging systems are converging, Billing domain is becoming more and more independent from the rest of the systems.


Unified Customer Care

Most of the Operators have to deal with more than one Customer Care systems depending on their customer bases. This is not only hard to manage but also introduces many weaknesses as Operators try to offer similar services to their entire customer base.

Therefore, many Operators consider uniting customer care functionality into a single domain. This type of convergence is considered to be one of the early steps toward achieving so called 'Full Convergence'.

Doriath Technology engineers has a success story in this area at a customer which has more than 20 million subscribers. Doriath Technology can help you determine ROI, KPI, design, implement and maintain such a solution.

Prepaid/Postpaid Convergence

Doriath Technology can help your organization to explore the frontiers and complexities of Prepaid/Postpaid Convergence as Doriath Technology helped deploy 3 different Convergence flavors.

Doriath Technology can assist your engineering teams for analyzing advantages/disadvantages, current common practices in the market, different solution approaches, KPI, ROI and help you make the right decision for your needs from Prepaid/Postpaid Convergence.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration provides a systems integration technology enabling different applications to interact in a standard, well-defined and controlled manner. In a way, it is an implementation methodology to drive an integration project. EAI aims to transform current IT environments so that it supports business objectives better and produces high return on IT investments.

EAI provides an infrastructure where application domain can achieve to plug-and-play. Even though most of the large organization have been investing in this technology for many years, there are so many more in the planning or implementation phases. Organizations moving towards EAI needs to understand that the overall integration through EAI cannot be achieved in on giant step. Instead, EAI philosophy is based on progressive migration approach.

With a sound EAI strategy, Doriath Technology can help you:

    * Reduce systems/IT total cost of ownership
    * Maximize investments in existing systems
    * Implement business change in underlying information technology systems
    * Provide global enterprise visibility of information and business processes
    * Improve reactivity to market demand
    * Integrate new platforms easily
    * Providing effective communication between businesses

Doriath Technology is able to offer the following services:

    * Development of integration solution framework
    * Roadmap for EAI based integration
    * EAI tool evaluation
    * Middleware consultancy
    * Architecture of end to end solution
    * Proof of concepts
    * Pilot projects

Setting KPI and Service Levels

Looking at your organization goals, and support strategy, Doriath Technology can help you setting up project functional, performance based KPIs and help you negotiate with external parties so acceptable ones are set. In order to setup the right KPIs, together with Doriath Technology will need to identify:

    * Projects core business processes
    * Establish Critical Success Factors
    * Choose the basis of KPIs
    * Set KPIs
    * Track KPIs during and after project completion

Also, for providing extended and enhanced services during Maintenance phases of projects, Doriath Technology can build support and operations strategy for your needs and negotiate Service Levels with vendors.

Return on Investment Analysis

Today's competitive business environment is forcing the control of information technology project investments into becoming a necessary and vital part of business behavior. IT managers are no longer able to approve large expenditure without a strong commercial business case showing a high return on investment (ROI).

Another factor driving a commercial focus amongst IT managers are statistics that show that a very high percentage of IT projects fail to deliver a ROI over an acceptable time frame.

Doriath Technology provides consultancy services in order to determine the true value of potential or already progressing software project.

Preparation of RFP/RFQ Specifications and Review

With the knowledge of the market and the Telecommunication tools (especially Customer Care and Billing) Doriath Technology is a strong partner for preparing RFP and RFQ specifications and can take place in your organization and project teams for selecting the best possible solution provider and tool.

Furthermore, Doriath Technology can continue working for you in Design Authority or Quality Assurance teams to assure correct, timely and smooth delivery of projects.

Performance Analysis

Doriath Technology engineers have been providing project implementation and SI projects to one of the biggest Network Operators in Europe in the last ten years. In today's fast growing Telecommunication market, performance is everything. You usually need big machines to crunch complex tariff models, promotions and invoices in a timely manner.

However, as the systems (HW,SW) are becoming more complex, it is sometimes very difficult to determine where performance bottlenecks are. Sometimes, the problems can be due to IT network connections, hardware, storage, database or application.

Doriath Technology has a Performance Check List types questionnaire to determine what type of Performance Analysis services to offer. A full offer might include domain experts from all HW and SW elements. However, if the organizations have a good idea about performance bottlenecks then more focused experts will be deployed.

After Doriath Technology's analysis, corrective tuning actions will be specified and if agreed, will be taken by Doriath Technology in the productive systems.



Doriath Technology's Consultancy hourly rate is considerable and it ranges between £50 and £120.