Doriath Approach



A System Integration Engineer needs a broad range of skills and is likely to be defined by a breadth of knowledge rather than a depth of knowledge.

These skills are likely to include software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem solving skills. It is likely that the problems to be solved have not been solved before except in the broadest sense. They are likely to include new and challenging problems with an input from a broad range of engineers where the System Integration engineer 'pulls it all together'.

The success of a System Integration project is determined by three factors: a definition of the strategies and needs, secure implementation of the project, and optimization of the Information System. Doriath Technology's all-inclusive offering is articulated through technologies and businesses that enhance the company's performance.

Doriath Technology provides the following high level of services:

    * assist IT management in defining their strategy and assessing the impact on organizations;
    * make technological choices and select visionary solutions that will allow the company to improve its performance;
    * implement standard computer applications and then customize them in response to the specific needs of the company;
    * assist the company's collaborators throughout the projects in order to transform change into a vehicle for progress and performance;
    * provide after project maintenance and support activities

These services are based primarily upon:

    * Thorough knowledge of all technologies and architectures
    * Expertise in major transformation projects
    * Solid know-how in Telecom market

Our aim is the development and deployment of the latest technologies for Telecom Network Operators' business and thus creating preconditions for arriving new services and the better quality.

Doriath Technology does not simply automate business and build its communication environment, but creates a new business - through the deployment of the most advanced information technologies.