Doriath Strategy


Doriath Technology has a strong philosophy on the proper methods for systems implementation and integration. Doriath Technology believes that client partners need to maintain the overall project ownership role on all major systems implementations.

Doriath Technology has observed significant implementation failures in the industries by client companies who have taken a "back-seat" approach to their major IT projects and have left the implementation to "someone else", typically the major outsourcing firms and the other well-known major Systems Integrators. Implementation failures occur when these third-party project managers attempt to do the implementation in a vacuum and claim full responsibility for defining the project. Typically, these projects are doomed because of major communication breakdowns and the client company's unwillingness to fully define the project deliverables.

According to Doriath Technology strategy and belief, in order to product the best possible results, Doriath Technology and client partners needs to "team-up". It should be understood that this is not a "cliché" but an important 'lessons learnt' value.

To achieve our vision our strategy is to:

    * Position ourselves competitively with ICT Solutions underpinned by market-leading expertise and with selected vendors that are driving the industry globally.
    * As best results are achieved when client partners work along side with Doriath Technology as a single team, Doriath Technology assures right level of support and involvement from client organization for teaming-up.
    * Strengthen customer commitment by leveraging expertise to deliver solutions that meet business and technology needs and exceed customer expectations.
    * Maintain commitment to staff development processes that recruit, nurture and retain the 'right' people and further develop expertise and commitment to our core values.
    * Through continuous review and improvement, accelerate development of the organisation as a leader in operational excellence.

Successful execution of this strategy underpins achievement of our goal for financial performance; an imperative to achieving our vision.