System Integration


With our strong Telecom industry know-how and experienced expert teams, Doriath Technology offers thought-leadership for new and visionary Telecoms solutions. Doriath Technology helps organizations for optimizing and streamlining existing operations where legacy assets are leveraged through developing end-to-end BSS architecture from ground up. Furthermore Doriath Technology enables Network Operators and Service Providers to succeed through high-impact Integration services in:

     * Telecom Billing and Customer Care IT Strategy
     * Billing and Charging Portfolio Analysis
     * Rationalization & Consolidation of systems
     * Solution design and development
     * Enterprise software package implementations and integration
     * Architecture strategy, assessment, design and implementation
     * Application management

Doriath Technology's Systems Integration services enable clients to identify, develop and implement the most appropriate solutions to solve their business problems in a unique manner. Sometimes, System Integration is very difficult many older systems were designed as self-contained 'black-boxes', with little or no documented means for anyone else to get at the program construct. Often it is because the make-up of the program was known to only a few highly specialized programmers who are no longer available.

As a System Integrator, Doriath Technology provides total project/program management, from architecture design, integration, system and interface development to data migration.

Leveraging on extensive experience in middleware tools such as webMethods, Tibco and Weblogic, Doriath Technology provides business integration and SOA based platform solution across enterprise applications such as Billing, Charging, Provisioning, Service Delivery Platforms, CRM and numerous other legacy applications. Doriath Technology engineers have also designed and implemented complex, large-scale business integration projects along with automation of hundreds of business processes via the use of streamlined workflow. Doriath Technology has helped partners to build a state-of-the-art Prepaid/Postpaid Convergence and Unified Customer Care platform.

Doriath Technology provides services to Network Operators and Service Providers to integrate Telecom IT legacy systems, CRM, Fraud, Data Warehouse, Billing and Charging applications more quickly.

Doriath Technology provides the following large or small scale System Integration projects;

     * Implementation of system upgrade (migration)
     * Integrating diverse systems together via standard or customized interfaces
     * Implementation of EAI
     * Interface mapping and validation
     * Interface specification document preparation
     * Interface validation and test
     * Implementation of complete sub-systems
     * Linking standalone systems, by means of an interface engine
     * Data cleansing and Data quality improvement
     * Revenue Assurance



Doriath Technology's System Integration hourly rate is considerable and it ranges between £50 and £90.