Technical Experience


Doriath Technology is an engineering company and staying with the highest available technological advancements in the market. Doriath Technology concentrates on "Advanced Telecommunication Technology." As its focus, Doriath Technology specializes heavily in the most well-known Unix systems, RDBMS, and Telecom IT products especially Customer Care, Billing and Charging Systems.

Doriath Technology focuses on tools and technologies such as Java, J2EE, EJB, JMS, RMI, C, C++, the Oracle tool sets and others.

Doriath Technology does not typically participate in legacy systems development, but occasionally builds interfaces as a part of System Integration projects using Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) technology. Doriath Technology's goal is to stay on the Advanced Technology curve and to ensure that its technical staff maintains pace with that technology. Because of its technical concentration, Doriath Technology is continually involved with web-based, Billing and Customer Care projects.